Breaking Boundaries Release-Quadrupel Hopped “Well Balanced” Quad

Boom Room Event

The final installment of the Breaking Boundaries Series is the Quadrupel Hopped “Well Balanced” Quad. For hundreds of years in Belgium, the traditional Quad required a balance between malty and candy sugar notes. Leaving that tradition in the rear view mirror,we decided to use four big hop varieties (Columbus, Equinox, Chinook and Centennial) to add a new wrinkle to the style. A hefty 10.2% ABV was designed to get your attention.

Quadrupel Hopped “Well Balanced” Quad: 10.2% ABV
Grain Bill: Munich Malt, Belgian Pale Malt and Candy Sugar
Hops: Columbus (Bittering), Equinox (Citrus, Tropical Fruit), Chinook (Citrus, Spice and Pine) and Centennial (Citrus, more Citrus).
IBU: 89.5
Appearance: Deep amber
Flavor: Big strong malt body with a huge citrus hop nose and flavor.

Thanks to our artist Shawn McCann for capturing Kevin on his little red scooter, always "well balanced"! He will be on site to sign posters and bottles.

750ml bottles and draft. Uncle Franky's food truck onsite.

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