It’s Tuba Nutcracker time!

Boom Room Event

The self-proclaimed “Boom Island House Band”, the Above Average Tuba Quartet will yet again deck the halls of the Boom Room Friday, December 15 at 7pm.

The group is led by Roger Gomoll, a man who spends his working hours teaching public radio stations how to more effectively beg for money during on-air pledge drives. He makes penance for this questionable activity by giving his time as a tubist to eight (!) different ensembles in the Twin Cities. The Nutcracker never sounded so good, see for yourself.

One of the most festive evenings of the year will soon be here: It’s Tuba Nutcracker time!

This will make for a wonderfully fun and festive evening, please set aside a few hours and join us! Don’t forget that our 750ml bottles make the perfect, affordable gift. Food will be provided by Cajun James/Louisiana Purchase Seafood.

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