Boom Island's Half Assed Halloween

Boom Room Event

In the grand scheme of things, Boom Island has been around for a long time. We pride ourselves on our unique beers and special event ideas that occasionally get replicated around town. When it comes to Halloween parties, however, we have to admit, every other brewery in town tends to do a better job than us. We will go toe to toe with anyone when it comes to Christmas parties, but not Halloween. We wondered what we could possibly do to compete with all the breweries that take their Halloween parties very seriously?

There’s only one answer: throw a Half-Assed Halloween Party! That’s right, we will have half assed sound effect music from the 60’s. We will have misshapen pumpkins and lame decorations. We will have the highly unpopular candy corn and circus peanuts on hand. We have thoughts of exploring a few sugar-free options as well. A basket of Halloween gourds goes to the winner of our Lame Costume contest. Our sponsor, Park Dental, will be offering free toothbrushes while supplies last. We might even have a few apples in the room.

Join us for a Half-Assed Halloween at Boom Island. If you are planning to go to multiple rooms on Halloween, make a point to stop by. Come by early, we close at 9pm. This way you don’t have to buy candy for those thankless brats in your neighborhood. We promise to make all the other Halloween parties you attend look fantastic. We also promise to serve great beer during this event -- that will never change.

My idea to play “Monster Mash” on repeat the entire evening was struck down by the rest of the team.

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