Boom Room Jazz Goes Weekly!

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Boom Room Jazz Goes Weekly

Boom Room Jazz fans take note and rejoice! Boom Room Jazz concerts are now EVERY Saturday at 7pm. Never a cover, always top notch Hard Bop jazz music not heard anywhere on Boom Island Brewing's side of the river.

MN Hard Bop Collective Drummer/Boom Room Jazz Curator Jesse Simon and his “Cats” have built a huge book of music since September 2017. We’re talking over 200 songs by 15 (!) different composers. Using this repertoire, the Collective has steadily gained momentum over the past 9 months.

Starting this June, the MN Hard Bop Collective will play regularly with the group, providing a varied concert each week. This will give Boom Island customers and music lovers everywhere the ability to arrive to the Boom Room on any given Saturday and hear some of the best jazz heard anywhere in the region.

Saturday at 7pm. Amazing beers and music to match. Not to be missed. “Jazz Nights” are popping up around town in various places. The level of Swing, great vibe and buzz of the seasoned crowds attending Boom Room Jazz will be impossible to replicate. This Summer will be amazing.

June Line Up:

June 10th - Joe Mayo

June 16th - Jordan Anderson

June 23rd and 30th - MN Hard Bop Collective

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