Collabration Release - Lemon Drop Wit Release

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Earlier this year Boom Island collaborated with Brouwerj Maenhout in Belgium, resulting in the lovely Russian Imperial Stout Kollusion. We are pleased to announce the release of Lemon Drop Wit on Friday, October 26, our second collaboration with our friend, brewer Thijs Maenhout.

Kevin and Thijs met during the last Belgium tour in April, where Kevin and Qiuxia led a tour of our best customers to breweries across Belgium. The decision was made to do a Wit beer, but not be a traditional Wit. Wit beer is traditionally made with orange peel and coriander, but in this collaboration brew a hop strain called Lemon Drop and a centuries old grain called spelt.

Kevin enlisted the help of 6 members of the tour group who carried 1 lb. bags of
Lemondrop hops onto the plane to Belgium. Thijs sourced the spelt and both a classic Belgian Abbey strain of yeast and a Kolsch yeast strain to fuel a parallel fermentation. The Lemon Drop Wit has a slightly peppery taste from the spelt, along with a velvety and hazy mouthfeel from the yeast. It’s pale and cloudy and enriched with coriander and a hint of lemon zest. Lemon Drop Wit weighs in at 5.5% ABV, a modest 16 IBU, and is amazingly delicious.

A percentage of the profits of each beer sold will go help support Mivalti, an assisted living facility near Tielt, Belgium in which Thijs has an affiliation. We will pass around the hat to help us bolster the fund as well. For more information go to and help support the cause!

Lemon Drop Wit will only be available in liquor stores in 330ml bottles, and as pours in the taproom starting at 4pm on Friday, October 26th. Rollin Nolen BBQ food truck will be on hand to feed hungry onlookers.

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