Kriek, Barrel-Aged Lambic Style Sour with Cherries

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The return of Kriek!

Kriek is an aged, dry and sour Belgian style beer, spontaneously fermented in oak casks for more than a year, combined with cherries. The cherries, and microbes on the cherries, added to the already aging beer in red wine barrels causes an additional spontaneous fermentation. The result is a unique Belgian-style brew that would be recognized by the residents of the Pajottenland and Senne Valley just southwest of Brussels. This Kriek is not sweet, but dry, sour and nutty with a cherry funk. Delicious and distinctive, this style of beer has been known to convert newcomers to sours and create a wider audience to the Belgian tradition of brewing.

Boom Island’s Spontaneous Series pays homage to some of the most ancient of Belgian brewing traditions, dating back over 400 years. Future editions are in the works, and look forward to Cranberry and Framboise varieties in due time.

Kriek – 4.8% ABV

Appearance – Light-Red Rose

Flavor – Slightly tart, nutty and acidic, with a light effervescent body and dry cherry halo.

Limited 750ml bottle and draft.

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