Saison, Farm House Ale Release

Boom Room Event

For hundreds of years in Belgium, farmers would assemble whatever fruits and grains they had leftover in the fall to make a beer for their workers in the spring. They would produce a Saison each year, keeping it on the lighter side to ensure their workers thirsts were properly quenched, while maintaining their productivity. Each years Saison would be unique, incorporating orange peel, barley, oats, wheat and perhaps a touch of rye.

This year for Boom Island Brewing, merely describing it as “Farmhouse” isn’t enough: we are bringing the farm to our north Minneapolis brewery. To add a spice of our own to the proceedings, we are stretching the release party to two days. Day one consists of the release of this year’s Saison, with the Bill Patten Trio providing the tunes and Don Oishi Kitchen providing the vittles.

Saison – 6% ABV

Appearance - Light copper in color with a fluffy white head

Aroma – Soft and subtle citrus.

Flavor - Smooth mouth feel, light spice bitterness with its trademark dry and delicate finish.

4pm:Boom Room open. First Saison pours of the spring. NCAA hoops on big screen

5pm:Don Oishi Kitchen Japanese street food will be served

6pm: Drawing for copies of 2018 Farmer’s Almanac

7pm:Bill Patten Trio performs.

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