Barrel-Aged Sour with Raspberries

Bel­gian brew­ers have been brew­ing up sours in the Brus­sels area for over 400 years. Fol­low­ing in their foot­steps, we cre­at­ed our Min­neso­ta take on this Bel­gian clas­sic. Slow­ly sour­ing for over a year in oak bar­rels, we even­tu­al­ly added a healthy buck­et full of rasp­ber­ries to join the micro­bial party.

It is on tap now and served in our shape­ly Teku glass­es. Fram­boise bot­tles are avail­able to the pub­lic in the taproom.

ABV 4.8%Served 50Available750mLDraught

Food Pairing

Framboise Lemon Bars paired with Framboise

Lemon and raspberries may seem like more of a summer treat, but these bars will add a refreshing palette cleanser among all of those other holiday sweets. Framboise is available at the taproom only, but growlers are available. Act fast if you hope to have this wonderful beer at your holiday gathering! Limited quantities remain! … Continue reading Framboise Lemon Bars paired with Framboise

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Taste the fruits of our obsession.

As obsessions go, our passion keeps expanding! As you’ll see here, our range of beers has grown right along with our passion for the Belgian tradition of brewing. Use this guide to get a virtual taste of our different beers. Then look for them in your favorite establishments, or enjoy them with us in our taproom.

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