Cuvée Rosé

Cuvée Rosé

Blended Belgian-style Strong Blond Ale

This beer for wine lovers combines a unhopped Belgian-style Strong Blond Ale with Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, then fermented with Champagne yeast before being bottle conditioned.

ABV 10.5%Served 50ºAvailable750mL

Taste the fruits of our obsession.

We started out with Silvius, a unique BPA. Then we moved on to Thoprock, a hop-rocking, Belgian-style IPA. Hoodoo, a spellbinding dubbel. And Brimstone, a powerful tripel. Those four beers established Boom Island as Minnesota’s premier craft brewery that exclusively, and obsessively, focuses on Belgian-style beers.

But as obsessions go, we were just getting rolling. As you’ll see here, our range of beers has grown right along with our passion for the Belgian tradition of brewing. Use this guide to get a virtual taste of our different beers. Then look for them in your favorite establishments, or enjoy them with us in our taproom, The Boom Room.